Join us every Tuesday night at Legacies Restaurant & Bar at 7 pm...
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1 - Keith Williamson 6 - Keith Williamson 3 - Keith Williamson
8 - Tiz Laney 13 - Dan Spivey 10 - Furman Dominick
15 - Dan Spivey 20 - Furman Dominick 17 - Dan Spivey
22 - Furman Dominick 27 - Tiz Laney 24 - Tiz Laney
29 - Tiz Laney    
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     Welcome to the Sumter Shag Club!  Our club was founded in 1985 and is dedicated to the preservation of the South Carolina state dance, "The Shag." 
     The goals of our club are to
promote and preserve the heritage of beach music and shag dancing, to educate and teach others the art of shag dancing, to provide members of the club and their guests with dance opportunities.
     The Sumter Shag Club maintains an active membership in District 5 of the
Association of Carolina Shag Clubs (ACSC).  We host many private events each year for our club members and their guests.  Our club also supports numerous charitable activities within the local Sumter community throughout the year. 
     We are always looking for active new members who are committed to the preservation of the shag and who enjoy listening to that Carolina beach music sound.  If you enjoy dancing, or just the smooth sound of beach music in a comfortable social environment, please consider joining us on Tuesday night at
Legacies Restaurant and Bar - the home of the Sumter Shag Club. 
     Please feel free to check out our website.  We think you'll be excited about what we're about and we hope to see you soon!

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The Sumter Shag Club, est. 1985